What is Level-1 support?

It is a primary support level responsible for basic client issues. The first job of a Level 1 technician is to collect the customer’s information and to resolve the customer’s issue by analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. Once identification of the underlying problem is established, the specialist can begin sorting through the possible solutions available.


Technicians in this group typically manage straightforward and simple problems. This includes troubleshooting processes such as verifying physical layer issues, resolving username and password problems, uninstalling/reinstalling basic software applications, verification of proper hardware and software set up, and assistance with navigating around application menus.


Personnel at this level have a basic to general understanding of the product or service and may not always contain the competency required for solving complex issues. Nevertheless, the goal for this group is to handle 70%-80% of the user problems before finding it necessary to escalate the issue to a higher level.

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